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Kasia needs our help

Czas na nas!

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One of the best books I’ve ever read

Recently I cam across a book from Ivonne Oswald called “Every Word Has Power”.  This book containing only 172 pages reminded me of French philosophers, Jean Paul Sartre and Rene Descartes.

Both of these philosophers are capable of expressing of the essence of their thoughts in several pages.  Ivonne Oswald also has this gift.

More over, after reading her book I feel my life has made a different turn.  Turn for the better.

It’s almost like I have known all things she wrote in the book before and as she wrote:  ”  I was simply remembering what I have already known”.

I have underlined quite a few sentences in her book that I found valid and important.  One I’d like to quote here is:

The self-worth is about feeling completely free to be yours amazing self; trusting your strength of your character and your own judgement.  Why is self-worth so important? Because when you approve of yourself, you stay calm and move easily forward towards success, with spirit and courage, making clear decisions, confident of results. You become more resilient, self-relient, and self-sufficient. Self-worth is how you measure inner strength.

I highly recommend the book (as I already have done with my friends) to everyone.

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From Rabbi Harold Kushner

“Our souls are not hungry for fame, comfort, wealth, power.  These rewards create almost as many problems as they solve.  Our souls are hungry for meaning, for the sense that we figured out how to live our lives matter so the world will at least be a little bit different for our having passed through it.”  – Rabbi Harold Kushner

… it was within us to live a happy and meaningful life.  We just had to ask the right questions and spend the time looking and listening (…)  But first be honest with yourself.  How much time are you ready to spend on reaching out and giving before you get?  How many mentors do you have?  How many  people have you mentored?  What do you love to do?  How do you want to life? – – Keith Ferrazzi.


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On Keith Ferrazzi

Keith Ferrazzi wrote in his book: “When I was once hungry to become chief executive officer at Fortune 500 company my PBM (personal Branding Message) read as follows:  “Keith Ferrazzi is defined as one of the most innovative and bottom line-focused marketers and CEOs in the world.  His string of dramatic “firsts” have followed every position he has held.  His passion gives off a light that carries wherever he goes.”

Oscar Wild once suggested that if a person did what he or she loved, it would feel as if they never worked a day in their life.  If your life is filled with people you care about and who care for you, why concern yourself with “balancing” anything at all?

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On Happiness

On the 2nd of December 2010, I was enjoying my Starbucks coffee, while reading a book on how to start a successful consulting business.  This is the biggest pleasure in my life.  Waking up early in the morning, having light breakfast and heading out to one of the Starbucks for my morning of coffee, e-mails, reading and  … watching people.

I switched my usual Starbucks from time to time if I find that my presence makes people uneasy, but I have also concluded that there are some Starbucks stores, which are better managed then others.  People in these stores are happier, they are served better and the whole atmosphere is simply more enjoyable.  On occasion, if the manager moves to another store, I move to that store as well, because I know they an replicate the same atmosphere anywhere they go.

So why some managers can create happy environments and why others cannot?
My basic conclusion is that they are not only competent in what they do but they are also happy people themselves.

I also notice that they not only attract happy employees but the clients coming to the stores are also happier.  Is it only because they know what they cab expect?

I decided to write on happiness and what makes people happy.

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Resume Writing Experience

I find that resume writing is such a pain, not because I don’t know what I want to say but because I am in the process of working with a consultant who does not understand what my last position was about.

How she can help me if she does not understand me?  She is not asking questions?  How can she know me so well?  Does she?

So at the end what will happen I will most likely ask for a different consultant. A consultant who cares a bit more about what I desire and what makes me happy.  Is this so hard to do?

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